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About us

ToSuite born from Gianluca's travel experiences and Paola's expertise for Interior Design.

We travelled a lot for job, for leisure and designed many comfortable houses for our clients.

A day of 2021 we decided to bring our passion in Tosuite, for guests who want to visit our beautiful Italian countries, welcoming them to our beautiful location with all comfort to enjoy the stay.


Our commitment is to grow with our guests, to offer more and more services and experiences to make unique your visit.

Alba - cobblestone town square surrounded by old houses and medieval towers
ToSuite Alba-Moretta1

Our Values

Before thinking anyelse hospitality topics, we thought about how to make our guests feel at home when they are away from home.

​This is the approach on which we focused to select apartments, designing and equip them to allow to our guests to live a fully comfortable stay.​

​We aim offering new services, improving stay experience and expand in our region and in other Italian cities, bringing our guests to visit Langhe and in the future other beautiful Italian cities.


Enjoy your stay with ToSuite

Environmental Commitment


We strongly promote environmentally sustainable behavior. For this reason, we are committing with significant choice, plans and actions:

in order to reduce waste to minimum and guarantee an incessant supply to our clients

Installation of WATER PURIFIERS

Replacement of plastic bottles

with glass bottles in all our apartments


High energy efficiency apartments

to reduce power consumption

PV+battery installation plan in buildings where will be granted by regulations.

Installation of Wallbox charging in all garage\parking of our apartments

we aim to add many other virtuous services and project to help our environment, involving also our guests.

Environmental commitment
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